tattoos, mike dio, maryland, dope shit, tattoo, neo traditional,
tattoos, mike dio, maryland, dope shit, tattoo, neo traditional,

I've been an artist most of my life, drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I began to dabble in digital painting and graphics when I was 12. I started painting seriously all through my teen years. I didn't start tattooing until about 2012 when I was in my late 20s after doing an apprenticeship. I've been exhibiting the comic con circuit for several years and specialize in western comic book styles, video game art, and pop art.


I really like to use color and high contrast. My style is pretty versatile and I can do just about anything, but I really enjoy doing nerdy stuff and colorful illustrative pieces.  I enjoy neo-traditional tattoo styles as well as trash polka and am willing to try anything new. I use a fully disposable set up in a clean, professional, inspected environment. I use nothing but the best in supplies and equipment and have tattooed internationally and all around the United States.


 I also do graphic and web design as well as branding for small businesses.

I started my own business in 2001 and have successfully branded over 150 businesses since.

 Prints of my art are also for sale. (see artwork section)





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My studio features a private room with a large 4K HDTV with surround sound, Netflix/Hulu, PS4, XBone, Switch, Classic Nintendo, Comic books, collectibles, art, a personal heater/fan etc.

I also have a large couch that can accommodate your friends and family without interfering with the process. As long as they are behaved, then you can bring your kids as well. I pride myself in ensuring you have the most comfortable and unique experience in addition to giving you an awesome tattoo. 

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Man with Tattoos




• Derm Shield is breathable and should stay in place for 3-5 days.

• Your skin will continue to produce blood/fluid for the first few days. DO NOT let the fluid out. Leave it alone!

• Your body will re-absorb it over the next few days. If the bandage leaks slightly, dab it with a paper towel & press it back down.

• Derm Shield is water-resistant. It is ok to shower with it on. Just do not touch it until it is time to remove it.

• DO NOT fully submerge your tattoo for the first 2 weeks.

• If the bandage won’t stay in place after 2 or 3 days, it is ok to remove it.



To remove Derm Shield, peel it back SLOWLY from the edge. It is easiest to remove using PLAIN LIQUID HAND SOAP.

Peel it back over itself, not away from the body. Avoid stretching the skin. It will be very sticky, but shouldn’t hurt if you use soap/water.


Once Derm Shield is removed, gently wash with soap while using only your hand & then allow to air-dry.

Apply a small amount of plain white unscented lotion.

Light flaking will occur. Lightly wash twice daily & apply lotion for the next week or until the skin returns to normal.
Derm Shield eliminates the need for ointments. YOU DO NOT NEED OINTMENT. Plain white, unscented lotion is all that is needed. 
If touch-ups are needed, you must wait at least 30 days before it is safe to do them.

Your tattoo should heal in 4-8 weeks. Should you have any problems or questions call me. DO NOT take advice from friends. They are not experts just because they have tattoos. I do this for a living and I'm the one tattooing you, not them.



ALLERGIES: Derm Shield is latex-free. If you are allergic to adhesives, redness/exfoliation may occur & will clear up once the Derm Shield is removed and the tattoo will not be affected. Tattoo Derm Shield is FDA registered, patented, manufactured, and sterilized in the USA, is hypoallergenic and latex-free. It has a medical-grade waterproof adhesive and uses the theory of moist wound management which allows the skin cells to migrate without interruption of infection or abrasion, resulting in an improved healing experience.




I only use the best in Tattoo Supplies